Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Twin Baby Rabbits

When John and I came back from his and Jen's house, around 7:30ish on Monday evening, September 6, we spotted a rabbit in my yard, a few feet from my doorway. It looked like two tiny baby rabbits were breast feeeding. Mama rabbit took off as we walked down towards my doorway, with her leaving behind the two extremely small rabbits that were only about one to two inches long. I never saw rabbits that small beforehand.

We went into my house. After a few minuites, I looked to see if mama rabbit came back to be with her two baby rabbits. I ended up taking my camera outside with me. Mama rabbit wasn't there, but, one of the baby rabbits was still there. She must have taken the other baby rabbit to a safer spot in the woods behind my place. I snapped off some photos of the remaining rabbit.

 About a half an hour later, that one was gone, too. Mama rabbit must have removed it to a more secure spot where she most likely had taken the first one to.

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