Monday, March 15, 2010

Fallen trees, etc.

Sunday morning, March 15, 2010 in Whiting, NJ. The after effects of an extremely loud and strong windy storm that hit our area. Trees are down and other trees damaged from same, throughout the entire area here in Ocean County, southern Jersey. 

Click on the photos for larger views of the photos.

1. View from my back door in CV2.

2. Closer view of the 2 fallen trees in Doug's back yard next-door.

3. You'll notice that I labeled the trees "A" and "B" in red so you can tell the two trees apart in the photos. This one is the trunk of tree "A."

4. Another angle of Tree "A."

5. The other side of Tree "A."

6. Uprooted trunk of tree "B."

7. Extremely close-up shot of tree "B."

8. Both trees. Different angle.

9. "B" Tree up against another neighbors house.

10. "B" Tree. Another view.

11. "B" Tree up against the house.
12. Another angle of "B" tree and the house.

13. Another view of Tree "B" and the house.

14. The base of another tree, Tom's Tree, "C." in CV2
15. Closer shot of Tree "C."
16. Large fallen tree branch from tree "C."

17. CV3, near Vinnie and Lorraine's house, on our side of the road.
18. CV3, past Charlie's house, on the other side of the road.

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